Legal Protection cover


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Up to £100,000 for your legal expenses following a motor accident.

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We offer four options:

Roadside Assistance

Ideal if you just intend to drive locally. Provided you're more than 1 mile away from home - whether you've run out of petrol, have a flat tyre or break down mid journey we're here to help.

  • We'll make every attempt to repair your car on the spot.
  • If your car can't be repaired on the roadside we'll take your car and all passengers to the nearest garage within a 10 mile radius.
  • Locked yourself out or lost your keys we'll help you get back in.
Roadside Assistance and Homecall

This gives you protection both on the road and right outside your house and includes all the benefits of Roadside plus emergency assistance if you break down at home or within 1 mile of your home address.

Roadside Assistance, Recovery and European Assistance

All the benefits of Roadside Assistance plus we'll take your car to your home, to a garage or to your destination. You can choose to continue your journey by hire car. If your car needs to be garaged overnight emergency accommodation will be provided for you and and your passengers. These benefits also apply if you are driving abroad within the EU.

Roadside Assistance, Recovery, Homecall and European Assistance

Our full level of cover offers worry-free protection wherever you are driving and includes all the benefits of the covers above.

The following apply to all levels of cover:
  • Maximum 5 breakdowns within one period of insurance.
  • Cover does not cover any labour charges or the cost of spare parts, fuel or car key(s).

IMPORTANT: The above descriptions of cover are in summary form only. Please read the Policy Summary which gives an overview of the cover. Our Policy Booklet gives a full description of what is covered by each 'extra cover option' and any conditions or exclusions that may apply. Note that Emergency Care, Temporary Hire Car, Personal Items and Windscreen can only be added to a policy where our Comprehensive insurance level of cover has been chosen.

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